Foot Orthotics

Many people are familiar with shoe inserts that you can buy in a grocery or retail store. You slip them into your shoes, and the inserts cushion your arch, heel, or sole of the foot. Shoe inserts are not custom orthotics; an orthotist or pedorthist examines your foot and specifically designs a custom foot orthotic for your foot and how you move. Orthotics combine the medical knowledge of anatomy with the science of engineering to create devices that provide comfort and support. They also improve physical form and function.

Lethbridge foot orthotics

What is a foot orthotic?

A foot orthotic is a support discretely inserted into a shoe to help support, align, and correct foot deformities as well as improve the performance of the feet and legs. The foot orthotic is made from a 3D scan we take of your feet. Our digital carver makes the arch support, and then we put on the finishing touches for you. Our certified Orthotist assesses your feet both before and after the foot orthotics have been made to make sure they are the correct custom insoles for you.

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