Rodeo Elbow Brace

Especially manufactured for Roughstock Cowboys to take the brunt of the force while riding. These braces are custom made to your arm to ensure an intimate fit and a design that works with your specific riding position. You won’t find a brace more durable or more custom and purpose-built. Quick manufacturing is made possible for people passing through town. You decide on the features of your brace because we know comfort and support are keys to a good ride. We have even worked with clinics all over the United States to facilitate a process that works with your travel schedule and location. You also never know where you might catch Tracy team roping or watching a rodeo performance. Give us a call and we’ll figure out a way to keep you in the short go.

“When I switched to my Lethbridge Orthotics brace I saw a direct improvement in my riding. I placed in my first 6 out of 8 rodeos I went to, which carried me to the Canadian Finals. At the Canadian Finals, not only did I notice that it helped me ride, but when I got hung up in round 5 the brace helped carry me through to round 6 taking away the brunt of the horse as I was hung up for over a minute. In many ways this brace has helped carry me through and I look forward to riding with it in the future.”

Luke Creasy

6x CFR Qualifer

“I don’t know why I waited so long. It’s the best investment I have ever made.”

Tim O'Connell

2x World Bareback Champion, 4x NFR Qualifier

“I got an arm brace made from Lethbridge Orthotics in the New Year of 2015. From the first bareback horse I got on with it, I was extremely excited about my new brace! With how light and comfortable it is to where I knew right away I was going to be very happy with this brace. Word is also spreading very quickly about these braces, they are the perfect brace for all levels of Bareback Riders.”

Jake Vold

3x NFR Qualifier, 3x Canadian Champion

NFR Bareback Riders

All the brace-wearing bareback riders in the 2018 NFR ride with elbow braces from Lethbridge Orthotics

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