The Terminator


The Terminator is Lethbridge Orthotics’ answer to the sometimes debilitating pain of knee osteoarthritis. For patients who are ineligible for surgery, would like to delay it, or are stuck in surgery wait times, we have been successful in using the Terminator to allow many people to return to golfing, walking, hiking, and all the activities they enjoyed before arthritis slowed them down. We work in close consultation with orthopaedic surgeons and physiotherapists to find the best solution for each patient.

Just like our Elite brace, the Terminator is built directly on a high density foam replica of your knee, scanned using the most precise digital technology available. Because your brace should get you moving, not slow you down, the Terminator is made from a proprietary combination of carbon fibre and graphite– the lightest, strongest bracing material available.

We are excited to discuss what we can do for you to help get you to the lifestyle you love and are happy to discuss your eligibility for Alberta Aids to Daily Living (AADL) funding.

“The main reason I like to use [these] braces is that it’s unique. There’s no other brace like it.

“Patients that are suffering from pain from arthritis, either on the inside or the outside of the knee, are ideal for these brace. Individuals who want to delay the need for surgery, who want to optimize and maximize their quality of life now and be active with their children, their grandchildren and want to get the most out of their knees until the absolutely have to have surgery. The brace is ideal for that.

“The Lethbridge Orthotics braces really are the best of the best.”

-Dr. Stephen Miller

Former Chief of Orthopaedic Surgery, Calgary South Health Campus

Did you know?

  • Osteoarthritis is the leading cause of pain and disability in Canada
  • Cartilage naturally wears out over time
  • Without cartilage, bone grinds on bone, leading to joint pain
  • The Terminator realigns the knee joint to unload the affected compartment of the knee (inside or outside) and redistribute weight to reduce pain and inflammation
  • Lethbridge Orthotics’ L.A.S.A.R. posture can quantify how much the brace corrects and realigns posture, ensuring a precise outcome

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