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Welcome to Lethbridge-Orthotic Prosthetic Services

Starting out in 1988, we have evolved from a single bay in a strip mall to a 7500 square feet facility and the premier clinic in southern Alberta.   We do all of our own manufacturing in house and are fully equipped with the tools and talent we need to make and service all our products. We can make all adjustments or repairs to your device here. We are equipped with the latest technology in the field of prosthetics and orthotics. We use CAD-CAM, a computer technology that captures a 3D image to exactly replicate the limb and carve a model on which to directly build a completely individual brace. With the TracerCad technology we can deliver our custom made knee braces the next day if required. We pride ourselves on being effective, efficient, and truly innovative in the materials and customization we can offer.

Our facility is conveniently located at 542 13th Street North Lethbridge, just a short drive from the Lethbridge Regional Hospital. Our location has plenty of accessible parking and was designed with the comfort of our customers in mind.


Knee Braces

Lethbridge Orthotics has pioneered the concept of custom knee bracing in North America and boasts the lightest, strongest, and best-fitting knee braces in the world. In addition, we offer a variety of custom fitted, ordered, and off the shelf braces to suit a variety of price points and find the best solutions for our patients.


We have the experience, technology, and resources to create the best solution for your needs. We use a variety of materials and methods to produce world-class custom devices and our clinicians truly listen to your needs and concerns to collaboratively construct the best solution for you. We also offer all the quality off-the-shelf options from leading manufacturers.


Trust this long term relationship to a team with the experience and specialization in helping your child flourish. We offer a combination of decades of experience plus dedication to utilizing the latest proven techniques and protocols. We make data-driven decisions and study long-term outcomes to provide the best care for your child!

Rodeo Elbow Braces

Specially manufactured for Roughstock Cowboys to take the brunt of the force while riding. These braces are custom made to your arm to ensure an intimate fit and a design that works with your specific riding position. We make the best braces in the world for the best rodeo athletes in the world.


We are committed to helping amputees live active and fulfilling lives. Whether the goal is to be back at work, active in athletics, or to simply be mobile and independent, we strive to provide a device that enables amputees to reach their potential. Between our three practicing and proficient prosthetists, we guarantee we can find the right personal and technical fit for you!

Foot Orthotics

Sometimes the best pain solution is the least intrusive one. Shoe inserts are not custom orthotics. When you come to Lethbridge Orthotics, an orthotist examines your feet and specifically designs custom foot orthotics using digital scans for your feet and alignment and how you move.

If you’re in need of a brace, I highly recommend you contact these guys. These braces are custom made to fit perfectly and designed for the best comfort possible. If you’re a bareback rider, there’s no better option.

RC Landingham

Joshua is able to run and play without falling. Thanks Lethbridge Orthotic-Prosthetic Services!

Lydia Fredin

Cheyne and Prim. He is wearing foot orthotics from Lethbridge Orthotics. They have helped so much with his feet and even his legs. Highly recommend going here to see how they can help you.

Jennifer Williams

Rylan’s orthotics allow him to participate in 4-H. Thank you Lethbridge Orthotics!

Jodi Tolley

Helping kids become superheroes for 30 years!

Elly Ruggles

I got my first ACL brace 10 years ago so I could continue playing basketball and softball in high school. Last year I upgraded to a new one so I could hike and continue to play softball. And as soon as my knee heals from my knee surgery I just had I plan to put my brace back on and keep playing sports and hiking!

Beth Balog-Ainscough

I’m sure it has been thirty years since I got my first knee brace from you guys. Through out the years I have had at least three AFO`s to help me walk right at work. A couple of knee braces and probably 10 pairs of foot orthotics. Which reminds me, am I not due for a new pair? Keep up the quality work and hope you have many more great years ahead.

John Hay

Our Team

You will not find a clinic in southern Alberta with more clinical or technical experience or with a higher perennial standard of excellence.

Tracy Duce

C.P.O.(c) B.Kin. Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist

Jeffrey Ball

C.P.O.(c) B.Sc. Certified Prosthetist-Orthotist

Jasmine Slomp

C.O.(c) B.Sc.(Kin) M.Sc. (Rehabilitation) Certified Orthotist

Russell Beazer

C.P.(c) B.Sc.(Kin) Certified Prosthetist, Orthotic Resident

Tyler Hansen

B.Sc.(Kin) Orthotic Resident

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